Call of Cthulhu - Scottish Menace

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Session 1

The group are called into a rather grand office in the outskirts of Glasgow by a Jimmy Cadess who offers the group £15,000 to solve the murder of a girl and the dissappearence of people from the streets

They meet each other (and some took an instant dislike to each other) and accept the offer and start investigating Glasgow. They find out the girl murdered was called Lucy Siddon and was killed on the 14th July 1922 by a slit mark to the neck which looks like by claw marks which look kind of human. Her middle finger on her right hand is missing and her finger nails were dirty underneath almost as if she was clinging onto something. She was also 3 months pregnant.

At the scene, they question the man who found the body – Malcolm McManus he discovered the body on July 15th in the early hours. They also find out from neighbours that screaming was heard and the local bakers (paul and Barry Sinclair) have reported sightings of werewolves in the area which have been a regular occurance the last 6 weeks.

The session ends with the group heading over to the local drinking hole the Celtic Druid where they discover a halfling behind the bar and outside the pub the american’s car has been vandalised, but by whom and why?.

Characters (NPC) Met in the session:
Jimmy Cadess – Offers money to solve case
Mr Gibbs – Ade to Hugh Cadden, the man in charge of Glasgow
Hugh Cadden – Told that Cadess predicted the group appearing
Moira – Cadden’s Receptionist
Anna Siddon – Sister of Lucy. recoils at the mention of werewolfes
George Arkwright – Lord of Arkwright Manor
Mrs Geddess – Head House keeper
Hamish Redshirt – Short Landlord of the celtic druid

Lucy was a servant at Arkwright manor and on visiting the manor the team found that she was a well liked servant and everyone is shocked that she was pregnant as she didnt seem the sort of girl for that. Her employer Sir Arkwright suffers from a muscle disease and is at an advanced stage – he is in a wheelchair and appears to have the body of a 90 year old. he is into shipbuilding and is shocked by the events on the irish sloop.


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